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What is SOLE?


In 1999, educational researcher Dr. Sugata Mitra conducted his pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments to study how children learn in self-organized settings. In New Delhi and remote areas of India, students who had little to no formal education were given access to a computer and high speed internet while a camera monitored their interactions. The results were incredible and almost impossible to believe. Children with little or no input from an adult instructor led themselves on a process of enthusiastic exploration, discovery, and peer coaching that resulted in the ability to learn almost anything- new languages, the solution to complex questions, science and math, and more. Fourteen years of research and iteration since then continue to support these startling results. Professor Mitra has honed this work into a concept of Self-Organizing Learning Environments or SOLEs, which draw on children’s natural curiosity to create a dynamic space for students to learn, interact and develop critical problem-solving skills. Professor Mitra’s vision has earned him the first ever one million dollar TED Prize.

Take a look at Professor Mitra's TED page!

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